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American law is based around the latin principle Stare decisis et non quieta movere’. Within the framework of the American law system, this appropriates to the principle of ensuring precedents set by previous courts are left settled, and I that same context the legal system is continually evolving as new precedents are set, even within current legislative frameworks.


Law is ascertained across a three tier court hierarchy. in this approach each level of court is held accountable to the precedents set in the court above it by the auto accident lawyer san francisco. An example of this can be found in the Federal Court System in the United States, where the Principal or first level courts are the District Courts of the United States – Where trials occur, The United States Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

One may often encounter the term jurisdiction’ when involved in law and legal matters. The essence of this is whether a specific department, court or relevant body may have the right to excise judicial authority over the matter in question with give up my baby for adoption.

Law may be separated into different factions, for example case law and civil law. Civil law is primarily enforced when settling disputes which have arisen between parties. Although there are codes of civil law which are applied by the nursing home negligence lawyer st. petersburg fl, often on a case by case basis a judge may have to exceed those codes or apply a resolution which is only relevant for the parties in that case, as a result of this the final resolution in one dispute may not be binding or even applicable to future disputes.


In contrast, the American Common Law system under the legal framework of laws in which everybody is held accountable for, is heavily influenced on the precedents set by previous rulings.

The law in the United States comprises of Federal law and State Law. Federal Law comprises of mandatory laws in which citizens of every state are expected to comply with the mortgage los angeles. However, state laws differ form this in that they are only applicable within the geographic region of that state. This links back to jurisdiction, so a state law is only able to be upheld within the geographic boundary of its borders.

Federal law in America is developed along a process whereby a draft for a new law is prepared by a Senator or a Representative or a los angeles business lawyer. At this point the draft will be potentially be amended as it goes through the house to which the representative belongs, as a result of this process the new draft bill may not entirely resemble the initial draft produced. Following this procedure the bill may be moved forward to the next stage of the process if it receives a majority vote from the legislative branch. At this point new amendments may be made to the bill.
The House and the Senate then have to pass the bill forward for Presidential approval with both sides agreeing with a majority vote. This political differences in both parties often make this a challenging task. tampa water damage

Essential Facts about Brain Injuries Attained during Car Accidents

The human body is a perfectly tuned, but still a very delicate biological machine. When a person is healthy and fit, the same machine works without any sign of trouble or some other issue. During these periods, people are usually not even aware that their body works at all – it is just there for them as it should be. But, unfortunately, the world is a place where unwanted things occur regularly. On these occasions, the fragile nature of the human body can be seen in its full capacity. Among many parts of the body, there are not many which are as important as the brain, where the full intellectual and emotional capacity of a human being is located. At the same time, the brain is also a very delicate organ and it is susceptible to a huge range of issues that might arise in the most ordinary circumstances that turn out to be dangerous.


In this category, car accidents are one of the most common inducers of traumatic brain injuries. Here are some of the most important facts and other information related to brain injuries resulting from car accidents. General Types of Brain Injuries All brain injuries, even those that are highly specific, are unique in their nature. As no two brains are the same, an injury to a specific part will not always result in the same series of effect for all people. This is the result of a diversified nature of neurological activity in any given brain. The map of activity of an individual brain often meanders and looks different between individuals, but the general zones of the brain do play the same roles for all people. But still, the type of force and the place of impact on a human body during a car accident will determine the category of brain injuries. Most of these result from the force being applied either directly on the head or on the neck and the upper body which is then transported to the head through force redistribution.

That is why any injury can affect just one area of the brain, several areas and possibly, all areas and functional zones of the brain and why you will need a lawyer. Blunt Force Traumatic Brain Injuries There are several large groups of traumatic brain injuries. These include concussions, contusion, diffuse axonal injuries, coup-countercoup. Concussions are the most common type of brain injuries in a car accident and it usually comes about along with a whiplash effect, where the force of the impact shakes and twists the brain inside of the person’s skull. These are created by direct blows to the head, but also violent shaking, both of which are common in automotive accidents. The whiplash effect that occurs is also common and can occur from car accidents that seem menial in nature, like being in a mild frontal collision. These accidents still produce a force that shakes the passenger’s head first in one direction and then violently back. Contusions result from a direct impact in the area of the head and result in an internal bruise to the brain. The same bruise can lead to internal bleeding, which then produces an increase in the pressure of the brain, which is very dangerous. Often, these larger contusions have to be surgically removed. Coup-Contrecoup represents an injury where both the side of the brain that receives the impact and both are damaged. Usually, these are complete opposite sides which occur when the brain is first forced into a single side of the skull, and then bounces back and slams in the opposite one. Coup-Contrecoup injuries are often followed by contusions. Diffuse Axonal is the result of a violent rotation of shaking of the head. In this case, the injury is produced by the fact that the brain’s movement lags behind the movement of the entire head. This leads to the structures inside of a brain to be torn up and produce the injury. Sometimes, in these types of injuries, harmful brain chemicals are released in large quantities, adding more aggravation to the same injury.

Penetration-Based Brain Injuries The previous category and all injuries inside of it had one thing in common: none of them result in of the brain’s position inside of the head being compromised to the outside environment. In other words, even the most severe injuries of that type leave the skull whole, without exposing the brain tissue to any foreign objects. Penetrative brain injuries include exactly this – a foreign object tearing the skin of the head, breaking the bones of the skull or the face and entering the brain. In car accidents, these injuries have been greatly diminished in the previous decades with the advancement of the automotive safety standards. These include the invention of the shattering glass for the windshield, breakable wheels, soft wheel axles and other things, which had the purpose of minimizing the chance of any part of the car breaking and being able to penetrate the human body.


However, there are still plenty of other objects in car crashes and accidents that have both the needed sharpens and sturdiness to penetrate the human skull. Any number of penetrative brain injuries can occur in these situations and many of them are exceedingly serious in nature. These are rarely so-called “through-and-through” events when an object enters the skull, travels through the brain and exists in some other place, except in the case of explosions and really high-speed crashes where nuts and bolts can become projectiles. Usual penetrative brain injuries include object getting stuck in the skull, which then penetrate the brain. These always result in the injury of the brain tissue, but also produce hemorrhaging and mostly present life-treating occurrences where only a swift professional medical intervention can save a person’s life. Additionally, there injuries carry a huge risk of later infection, which is a problem in the case of successful life-saving surgery. Conclusion From all of this, it is clear that brain injuries, both resulting from the force of an accident or from a penetration of a foreign body, represent serious events that impact the overall health of a person. Levels of brain injury are divided into mild, moderate and severe brain injury, but all of them can impact one or more brain function of the affected person.

How do lawyers charge?

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All lawyers have different fees and prices, but it is common knowledge that a car accident lawyer chula vista will charge about the same when it comes to car accident claims. They will usually charge thirty percent for the car accident claim and if they have to take the case to trial they will probably charge you more closes to forty percent for trial cases. A lot of lawyers do not want to take cases to trial because it is a lot more time consuming and requires a lot of finances in order to make that happen. I have a friend that is a personal injury lawyer and he has never even taken a case to trial which just seems crazy to me. dallas dwi

Taking pictures of the damage

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Another very important thing to do is take pictures. My Orange County Car Accident Lawyer was telling me all the things that he has his clients do when they come into his office and he said it’s super important to take your own photos of all the property damage because you would be shocked to hear how many times he gets into trial and no pictures were ever taken of the damaged cars. He said that taking at least 20 pictures from all different angles is the best advice he can give because you need as much evidence as possible and it will help your court case when the judge wants to see proof of all the money you are asking for. Hire a Orange County car accident lawyer to give free advice today.

The First Offer is Never the Best Offer!

The San Diego Car Accident Lawyer can assist you in your time of need. They will be able to help you file a claim against your insurance company and make sure that you can get paid for your pain, suffering and property damage and medical bills. It is pretty common for insurance companies to try and minimize their damages by offering you a low settlement offer at the beginning of your claim. If you are not careful and smart you might even consider taking that first offer. You must realize that the first offer they give you is never going to be the best offer they have. This is why you need a smart and experienced san diego car accident lawyer.