American Law

American law is based around the latin principle Stare decisis et non quieta movere’. Within the framework of the American law system, this appropriates to the principle of ensuring precedents set by previous courts are left settled, and I that same context the legal system is continually evolving as new precedents are set, even within current legislative frameworks.


Law is ascertained across a three tier court hierarchy. in this approach each level of court is held accountable to the precedents set in the court above it by the auto accident lawyer san francisco. An example of this can be found in the Federal Court System in the United States, where the Principal or first level courts are the District Courts of the United States – Where trials occur, The United States Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

One may often encounter the term jurisdiction’ when involved in law and legal matters. The essence of this is whether a specific department, court or relevant body may have the right to excise judicial authority over the matter in question with give up my baby for adoption.

Law may be separated into different factions, for example case law and civil law. Civil law is primarily enforced when settling disputes which have arisen between parties. Although there are codes of civil law which are applied by the nursing home negligence lawyer st. petersburg fl, often on a case by case basis a judge may have to exceed those codes or apply a resolution which is only relevant for the parties in that case, as a result of this the final resolution in one dispute may not be binding or even applicable to future disputes.


In contrast, the American Common Law system under the legal framework of laws in which everybody is held accountable for, is heavily influenced on the precedents set by previous rulings.

The law in the United States comprises of Federal law and State Law. Federal Law comprises of mandatory laws in which citizens of every state are expected to comply with the mortgage los angeles. However, state laws differ form this in that they are only applicable within the geographic region of that state. This links back to jurisdiction, so a state law is only able to be upheld within the geographic boundary of its borders.

Federal law in America is developed along a process whereby a draft for a new law is prepared by a Senator or a Representative or a los angeles business lawyer. At this point the draft will be potentially be amended as it goes through the house to which the representative belongs, as a result of this process the new draft bill may not entirely resemble the initial draft produced. Following this procedure the bill may be moved forward to the next stage of the process if it receives a majority vote from the legislative branch. At this point new amendments may be made to the bill.
The House and the Senate then have to pass the bill forward for Presidential approval with both sides agreeing with a majority vote. This political differences in both parties often make this a challenging task. tampa water damage

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