Month: January 2016

How do lawyers charge?

All lawyers have different fees and prices, but it is common knowledge that a will charge about the same when it comes to car accident claims. They will usually charge thirty percent for the car accident claim and if they have to take the case to trial they will probably charge you more closes to […]

Taking pictures of the damage

Another very important thing to do is take pictures. My was telling me all the things that he has his clients do when they come into his office and he said it’s super important to take your own photos of all the property damage because you would be shocked to hear how many times he […]

The First Offer is Never the Best Offer!

The San Diego Car Accident Lawyer can assist you in your time of need. They will be able to help you file a claim against your insurance company and make sure that you can get paid for your pain, suffering and property damage and medical bills. It is pretty common for insurance companies to try […]